Our Civil Enforcement Officers

The Norfolk Parking Partnership (NPP) are responsible for a number of Civil Enforcement Officers across the whole of Norfolk. These men and women provide an important but sometimes unpopular function, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they can carry out their patrols as safely as possible.

Whilst we cannot control the day-to-day circumstances in which our officers may find themselves, we do equip them with technology designed for their protection and transparency of the work we do.

Body Worn Cameras

Our CEO’s use a body worn camera. These are to be activated when an officer is patrolling an area or may be activated if an officer is approached by a member of the public with a query. The recording of interactions where violence or aggression occurs enables us to report the incident to the Police and supply supporting evidence which can and has led to prosecution.


NPP has been able to assist in securing a number of successful prosecutions against offenders who have assaulted our CEOs or have been found to be incorrectly using a blue badge. We work closely with Norfolk Police and take any offences perpetrated against our officers in the line of their work very seriously.

Image of a civil enforcement officer with a body camera

Parking Operations

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