Activating a Multi-Vehicle Permit

If you have a permit which allows for more than one registration number to be used on it, please see instructions below on how to update your details.  Our Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) will be able to check that a permit is valid using their handheld device.

To change your permit online:

Go to MiPermit

  • Login to your account
  • Select manage Permits
  • Select the Council your permit is held with
  • Select Permit
  • Select Active Vehicle
  • Select Registration Number (a tick will appear in the number that you have selected)
  • Save Details

Your permit will then be valid against the selected registration number.

To update your permit in the app, go to the Parking Ops app on your smartphone or tablet

1. From the main menu, select ‘Permits’

Image shows the Parking Ops App page once you have logged into your account

2. Select your permit (there may be a list depending on what you have)

Image shows list of valid permits on the app with one selected

3. Select the registration you wish to activate from the list shown

Image from MiPermit app showing the list of possible registration numbers to select from