Using MiPermit

MiPermit allows you to manage your parking permits remotely, on any day of the year at any time.

If you have an existing MiPermit account it will either be linked to your email address or phone number, depending on what information you gave when your permit was applied for.

To access your account for the first time or if you are having trouble logging in, please go to the MiPermit Home Page.

You will then need to input your email address or phone number and click on the Forgotten Password button.

The images below show the login screen and the menu screen once you have logged in.

This will prompt the system to send you a password reset message with a pin number in it.  You then need to log into the system using your email address and the pin number – at this point you will be asked to set a password of your choosing to access your account.

Once you have access to your account you should see this menu

If you have a live permit that is due to be renewed the number will be shown in the red circle.

Any permits that need renewing can be done from here by selecting Manage Digital Permits.

From here you will be able to select your permit, opt to renew it and upload any proofs required for your permit renewal.  You will also be able to pay for your permit at this point.

If your permit is virtual it will be sent for authorisation and you will receive an email to confirm it is live.

Please note that you will receive a receipt confirming that you have applied for a permit – this is NOT confirmation that your permit is live.  You will receive a separate email to confirm this.  If you do not get a confirmation email contact us to ensure that you do not park without a permit.

If the permit is a paper permit you will receive an email to confirm that the application has been successful and will then receive your permit in the post.

If you wish to see what permits you have that are currently valid you need to select Manage Digital Permits and this will show you your valid permits and the date they are valid to.