Enforcement Requests

Whilst our Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) patrol all the areas we cover, it is not possible to be present in each at all times. Nor are we able to respond immediately to reports of vehicles parked in contravention. Reports are used to inform patrol routes for our officers and persistent cases of parking in contravention will be picked up. Please be aware that we are unable to issue Penalty Charge Notices retrospectively or from photographs.

If you believe that a vehicle is parked in such a way that they are causing a danger to other road users then please call 101 and report the matter to the Police.

This form allows for the reporting of contraventions so that, when in the vicinity, enforcement efforts can be directed as required. 

Please complete the below form to notify our parking enforcement services of any vehicle(s) who may have parked in contravention.

Enforcement Requests

Contravention Location

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Please note that these details are taken to allow us to ask follow-up questions if required. Updates on the progression of your request will not be given as a matter of course.

Contravention Details

We enforce parking restrictions which are defined within the Highway Code. 

Please note that the Highway Code provides advice as well as information on the rules (regulations) you must follow, so not all guidance within the code is enforceable.

Please see the section that refers to Wording in the Highway Code for an explanation of the differences.

If you would like to find out more about all the restrictions we enforce, visit our types of parking restrictions webpage.